Let The People Know You Care!

One thing I have seen in one of the youth groups I’m in that really sticks out to me is even in a group of 30+ people the leaders make a point to go around and give each person a high five or a fist bump. To me that shows that they care about me and everyone in that group. You know you feel like “I got noticed!” Especially when its a big group that is really important. It’s important for the leaders and the other people in the group to make a point to talk to new people and to get to know that person! To make a point to say hello or give them a high five! Trust me if you do that they will probably keep coming back!

I just wanted to share that little nugget of wisdom with you! Check back for more posts about growing Youth groups and other types of groups too, cause after all It’s more than a group, its family, and every single one of those people in your group has a story!


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