How To Grow As A Group (Pt. 2)

Hello again! I know it has been a while since I posted. almost a year. Hopefully I will get in the swing of things here soon! I just wanted to share this little tid bit with you guys because I believe it is important. I recently became an assistant youth leader at a church I attend and I was talking to another youth leader from another church in the area about growing the group she leads. And I thought of something that we all as youth leaders or leaders of any group need to do.

For the sake of getting confused lets just say it is a youth group. We as leaders need to give the youth the materials to share about the group. We need to maybe tell them how to bring it up in a conversation or give them physical materials to pass out that have the name of the group and the location along with the date and time the group meets. And or digital materials like photos to post to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Just something that helps them spread the word.

It is still up to them to use that stuff. But the leaders need to give them that little boost that they might need!  I hope that gave some of you an idea on how to grow your group. I just felt like this was a good topic to share! Hope to see you again soon!


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