One of the topics that came up in the youth group I’m involved in as a youth leader recently was fear. Someone was afraid of basically the unknown. That sparked a rabbit trail conversation about fear and how God doesn’t want us to fear anything.

A few weeks later I had everyone play this game. We passed out paper and pens and told everyone to write down their biggest fear. Then we put all the pieces of paper back in a basket and we passed those papers out again to everyone. Then we went around the room and everyone said what the fear was on the piece of paper that they got was (not their own fear) and we all guessed who’s fear that was. Everyone seem to have a good time playing that game but i had an ending point to that game.

I said to the group “We all have pretty big fears” I named off some of the fears then I asked a question “Who here believes that God is bigger then our fears?”. Well to be honest with you I kind of reversed the question and asked “Who here believes God is not bigger then our fears?” So I kinda got people confused. But then I said “Then why should we fear those things? If God is bigger then our fears and we believe that then why should we fear?”

I hope that got people thinking because it’s true. Thats something even I have to remind myself all the time. God is bigger then our fears and if we truly believe that then we really shouldn’t fear anything except God himself, but thats a different kind of fear.

I hope that helps someone out there. And if this topic has come up in your group maybe play that game and spark the conversation.

Until next time,

John Stuart


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