Transition is challenging. Whether your transitioning to having a new youth leader or you are transitioning out of one group to another. There are two ways you can handle any transition. 1. With an open mind and willing. 2. With a closed mind and hating it.

So speaking of transition. “More Than A Group” is transitioning to a new website. Instead of being on Tumblr we are now on WordPress blogs. This will give us some more freedom and I feel it will give us some more traffic. All the previous posts are still on this new site and you should be able to find everything just about the same! You may start seeing a change in the way the site looks, thats just us trying to find a theme that works the best for us!

Also in the spirit of transition, in the youth group that I am apart of we recently got a new student pastor. So I am experiencing transition a lot right. So far its all good! I really have no complaints. We are changing how things work just a bit and I have a feeling as time goes on we will change some other stuff as well. We have actually seen a growth in attendance since the transition started. That is awesome! I can’t wait to see whats next for this youth group!

There is probably gonna be a second part to this post as I might be making another big transition near the first of the year. Stay tuned for that!

Please follow the new blog and keep checking back for new content!

John Stuart


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