One of the topics that came up in the youth group I’m involved in as a youth leader recently was fear. Someone was afraid of basically the unknown. That sparked a rabbit trail conversation about fear and how God doesn’t want us to fear anything. A few weeks later I had everyone play this game. […]

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How To Grow As A Group

Ways that youth groups and grow is by having events once a month and or once a week, outside of meeting every Wednesday or whenever your church youth group meets. Maybe have a game night once a week or just have a little social time with a little bible study somewhere in there. Hang out […]

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What Are Youth Groups Really?

Youth Groups are more than just a group of young people, they are groups of the next generation. Knowing that what are you gonna do about making our next generation prepared for the world? What are you gonna do to make sure that the youth of today are ready to take on this world that […]

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